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I have been with Southeast since day one. Prior to this I had my own site map company but decided that working with Southeast Publications was a better deal. Why have I been here for 25 years? It's simple they are THE BEST. Southeast cares about their reps and they make sure that we make money. I love what I do and enjoy the traveling. 

Larry Yard & Marguerite Dickeson
Since 1986

I joined Southeast in 1989. Ron & I had just bought a 1978 Mini Winnie,.
We decided to start our new adventure traveling the country. I wanted to find a way to earn money while we traveled. I found an ad in Workcamper for Southeast Publications, I thought I can do that. I called and spoke with Bob Walsh.
I was only interested in work part time and was assured I could work when I wanted.  That was the beginning of my wonderful association with Southeast.  Southeast is truly the BEST, it has delivered everything Peter has ever promised

Kathy McKown
Since 1989

southeast reps

We're Ed & Barb Everett, originally from N.Y. State. Barb taught school while Ed was in college after he served in the Navy.  After working as an Industrial Engineer and  Industrial Salesman, we moved from Mich. to Fla. Opened the first 'Quick Print' shop in Clearwater. After 14 years of being “tied down”, we sold our business and opted for the freedom of the road in a 26ft travel trailer. Then came the fantastic year of 1990. We traveled 28 states repping for a couple of RV related products at Motorcycle, Good Sam and FMCA rally’s and RV shows. At our last show, the National Campground Owners Convention in San Antonio, we were looking for a way to continue working in the RV field. An "exhibitor" visited our booth and told us something about traveling where we want, camping for free and making money at the same time. Sounded good to us, so we spent two hours in a hotel lobby with Wayne, Carlene and Peter [The Big Three] and left as Southeast Publications reps with a borrowed sales manual. That was the 'START' - to the great opportunity presented to us by those three amigos. We are thankful for the Grand, Great, Wonderful 21 years of work, fun and fantastic friendships the “BEST OF THE BEST” has given us. We are looking forward to the new concepts and innovations that Wally, President, is bringing to Southeast Publications.

Ed & Barb Everett
Since 1990

southeast reps

We joined the Southeast Publications family after meeting Wayne & Carlene at the Escapees Escapade in Grey, Tennessee, in 1990. We had become full-timers that year after losing all our parents before they reached retirement age. Southeast Publications makes it possible for us to travel where we want, see the country and visit with our relatives, who are spread out around the country. We enjoy meeting with our Southeast Publications family at the company meeting and always leave the meeting with fresh ideas to make more money. Joining Southeast Publications over 20 years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Dave & Star
Since 1990

southeast reps

We are Charlie & Pat Byrd ....have been with SEPI "Southeast Publications USA, Inc." for 20 years....home is Michigan and now we spend winters in Florida volunteering at state parks. We have four kids, 6 granchildren and 1 great grandchild. We lovve to keep the wheels rollin'  on our motorhome

We worked with Alaska Parks for 13 years and truly loved the trip back and forth every year as well as every minute in this magnifecent state.

Charlie & Pat Byrd
Since 1991

southeast reps After 13 years with a collection company we went to work one day and the office was closed and gone. We had no job. We decided to take a couple of months off and travel in our RV. We saw an ad in a site map for sales reps for Southeast Publications and knew this was the place for us. This was April of 1992. We are hard workers and service over 45 parks annuall with gross sales of over $400,000 each year. This is by far the best company that we have ever worked with.

Sam & Roxanne Waugh
Since 1992
sales manager

We joined Southeast Publications USA in November 1992. We have worked from Key West, FL to Green Bay, WI and from Charleston, SC to the San Francisco Bay area and points in between. During our 19 years with Southeast Publications USA we have worked in more than 455 RV Parks.

Bob & Catherine Klawon
Since 1992

southeast sales rep

We were recruited by Wayne and Carlene at the 1992 Escapees Escapade. What a great opportunity Southeast Publications has given us: travel, great friends, office support, plus earning money at the same time. We love our Southeast family.

Chuck & Chris Baker
Since 1992

southeast sales rep

Al and I ran away from home in 1990. We earned our keep by doing the Disney thing and by Kathy continuing to work for previous employers via FedEx. All that changed when we parked in the Joplin KOA next to Wayne and Carlene in 1992. At the time, Wayne and Carlene were triple-towing (truck, fifth-wheel and car). Al was impressed and went over to meet Wayne; he came back a Southeast rep. We loved the lifestyle, but family and health sent us back home after two years. Fortunately, one of our Texas connections brought us a contract with the Texas state parks and we were able to do some maps in partnership with their in-house print shop for several years while staying close to home. Eventually, Kathy returned to her previous profession until fate intervened a second time and we again crossed paths with a Southeast rep, this time our friend Jerry Hopkins. We met Jerry just after the family issues which were keeping us close to home were resolved and we were trying to figure out what to do next. Within a month, we were signed up and back on the road again. Life as Southeast reps is even better the second time around!

Al & Kathy Miller
Since 1992

We were recruited at the Tampa Super Show in Jan.92, although we didn't work our first job until Jan. 93, after attending the fall sales meeting. Over the years,we developed a National Account and manage several large advertisers writing over 70 ads, for the benefit of other Southeast Rep.s. We presently work 21 jobs and enjoy our FREEDOM!

Bob & Bertha Oliver since 1993
southeast sales rep After working for Southeast for over 15 years, we still find it as exciting as ever! Our work has taken us to places many people have only dreamt about, met wonderful people who have become our friends and all the while fulfilling our dreams of traveling & having the means to do so!

Richard and Wanda Townley
Since 1996

When we decided to travel in 1996 we called SEPI in response to an RV magazine ad. Wayne stood at a pay phone in the dark for over an hour to answer our questions. We have been continually impressed with their family values and caring attitude throughout our affiliation.

David & Bonnie O'Bannon
Since 1996

sales rep

Having sold our home in 1994 and traveling for two years without a job, we decided that it was time to get an income. Having tried several business ventures of our own, we saw an ad for Southeast Publications. We liked the freedom that Southeast Publications had to offer. We could travel, set our own hours and have the opportunity to make a excellent living. This is like owning your own business without being tied down in one location. It's also a major advantage to have a team of professionals backing you up and cheering you on. All in all we feel that this opportunity has been the best thing we have ever done in our life. We Love The Lifestyle.

Ed & Tonya Grice
Since 1996

sales rep

We still find it hard to believe this is our 12th year with Southeast Publications.  Time travels fast when you are having fun and making money.  Plus it turns out to be the easiest job either of us have ever done.  We really Love this Lifestyle and Thank God every day for SEpub.

We have 4 kids and 10 grandkids and they always seem to find us on a beach somewhere.

We have always like RVing and wanted to travel so when we turned 59, we did!  I saw an ad in a KOA site map looking for people who like to travel and earn money. We wanted to check out the company and went to the fall meeting in Orlando, FL in 1998.   We liked the people and the meeting and decided to try it.  We went back to St. Louis and prepared for the Adventure of Our Lives.   It has been quite a trip, we left St. Louis for CA and the West Coast meeting in March with snow on the ground and the sun shining on our backs. The first year we did 17 Parks, 13 new ones never done before.  We learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  The 2nd year we were in the Century Club and still are.  We work St. Louis KOAs and 23 RV Resorts East; up to Cape Cod and down to Florida.  We travel about 7,000 miles year.  Our average tempature is 70, and we have never needed to winterize our RV.  What a great job, once you find a job you love, you never work again.  Thank you Southeast Publications USA, Wally and the whole staff there, a great team, that produces the BEST all the Time!!  

Don & Midge Holtzmann - since JANUARY, 1999

sales rep We became FULL TIMERS and worked part time supplementing our early retirement traveling from Illinois to Florida. Southeast helped us travel as we transitioned from the Rat Race to a world of fun and relaxation. Since Wally's untimely death in 2009, I continue to enjoy my Southeast family working mainly in Illinois. I also reside in a golf community in Frostproof, FL, during the winter and in a Northwest Chicago suburb during the summer with my father, Chester and "fur" child, Tiffany.

Connie and Wally Laskowski joined the Southeast "family" November, 1999
sales rep

We retired in 1994.  Ron spent 32 years in the US Forest Service retiring as District Ranger in Laramie, WY.  Sue retired as a cook for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house at the University of Wyoming.
We sold our house and have been full timing for 17 years.  We met Bob & Lois Hoppes in 1999 at an Escapee rally in Chico, CA.  We signed up with Southeast Publications and spent three days in training at a KOA id Oklahoma.
We do 8-11 jobs per year in TX, WY, & NE. We do these jobs where we have friends and family nearby.  We have seen a lot of interesting places and have made beaucoup friends.  We schedule our jobs so we can attend grandkids rodeos, soccer games, football games and fairs.  Not many jobs give you this type of flexibility.

Ron & Sue Wilcox
Since 1999

sales rep

Retired in 1995

Jim from John Deere and me, Beverly, from John Deere Credit Union.

We traveled until the year 2000 when we joined the family at Southeast Publications.

We spend 6 months in AZ and enjoy our sone and his family and we also work an Assisted Living Facility.

During the summer we work parks in IA, SD, NM and TX.

James and Beverly Toppin
Since 2000

sales associate

On November 2000 we came to SEPI. We both enjoy traveling. Now we have the freedom to choose ou parks when and where it is convenient for us and visit our five children along the way and also see this beautiful country of ours. It doesn't hurt to get paid for it all.

We have just decided to become full-timers after selling our home in Arizona and are looking forward to enjoying this great life style and meeting friends along the way.

Dan & Norma Mitchell
Since 2000

I was born in Massachusetts. I moved to the Livingston, Montana, area in 1975. I have five children and ten grandchildren. Nancy and I have been married 26 years. I spent 25 years as a fisheries biologist. Nancy is a third-generation Montanan. She has worked over 20 years doing paralegal work, which she continues to do remotely. We discovered Southeast Publications in a magazine advertisement. We owned a motor home and enjoyed traveling, so working with Southeast provided an opportunity to travel more and earn an independent income. We have never been involved with a company that has such a family closeness and feeling of camaraderie. The service that Southeast Publications provides to campgrounds, universities, etc., is unprecedented.

Bob & Nancy Auger
Since 2001
sales associate

Joy and I first learned about Southeast Publications USA, Inc. reading one of their ads. We visited the SEP office on the phone. We also knew a rep with the company. We took our training with Bob and Cathy Klawon in Destin, FL in January of 2002.

We have always appreciated the prompt way our pay checks are handled. We are happy to see the computer used more as a tool for work.

We are glad to know that the company understands the need to take care of family matters. Overall, we are hapy with Southeast Publications.

Glad to be part of the SEP family,

Jay and Joy Davis
Since 2002

sales associates We have been with Southeast Publications since February, 2003. Our only regret is that we didn't start sooner. We have been in sales most of our lives, self-employed in the motel business, and also as a realtor in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Dwaine & Marilyn Reno
Since 2003
sales rep

Hi! We are Debbie and Kirby Blosser. This is our 7th year with Southeast Publications and we couldn't be happier!

Kirby and I have a combined 50 years of previous sales experience prior to Southeast Publications. Kirby was in auto sales for 40 years. I sold newspaper advertising for 10 years. I was in retail prior to that. When I frist went into sales my whole family thought I was nuts, they did not understand taking a job that did not provide a guaranteed paycheck. I had never sold before in my life and took a job that advertised, "No experience necessary, likes people". What a life changer!

Eleven years ago Kirby had open-heart surgery and that changed our outlook on life. We decided to go full-time. We started traveling, but ended up stopping in Las Vegas for 3 years. I needed to work so I took a full-time job at a casino punching a time clock. I suddenly remembered why I liked sales. When you work a 40-hour-a-week JOB you get the same pay no matter what effort you put in and you can't leave until your time is up.

Kirby found an ad for Southeast Publications, "Earn While You Travel!". We knew we wanted to travel and we knew we Loved to Earn, but the best part was that we could now control our paycheck and our schedule.

We love Southeast Publicatons, we travel the USA when and where we like, we make money and we work our own schedule, it's "THE BEST"!

Debbie & Kirby Blosser
Since 2004

sales associate

We joined Southeast Publications USA Spring of 2005. A dynamic duo, Penne, is a Montana Native, raised in retail business "Consuming Advertising" for years she entered the world advertising sales first on Radio, then on TV and in newspaper. She ran her own advertising agency for 20+ years in Phoenix, AZ. Bill, a Ohio native, has sold insurance, Real Estate and advertising. He wrote technical and training manuals for Honeywell and holds a teaching certificate in Marketing, Management and English in Arizona Community Colleges.

Bill Cline & Penne Curey
Since 2005

southeast sales rep Prior to becoming a Southeast Publications Family Member, I was a Post Office Clerk in Washington, D.C. for four years. Twenty-five years later, my desire to retire from the D.C. Public Schools found me with more dreams than resources. While pondering ways to travel in my new motorhome and maintain my current lifestyle, one of those site map Ads - Earn While You Travel - grabbed my attention. Travel as a Southeast Rep allows me to be the boss and to dictate the cost! It's been miraculous!

Gloria Tucker
Since 2005
sales associate

In this crazy world we found ourselves working in two different directions and adventures in life, together, were passing us by.  We joined Southeast Publications 6 years ago and have never looked back. It’s given us opportunities to visit new places throughout the US and meet incredible people along the way.
…and each year our income has grown, it is truly endless!

Mike & Peggy Gabel
Since 2005

sales associate

We are Jim & Cheryle Schon.  We have been full-time RVers since 2001 and with Southeast Publications since 2005.  We started out working as volunteers in a South Carolina State Park. While we were there, we met a Rep from Southeast. We sat down, we talked awhile and decided to give it a try.
Well, what a lifestyle, what a job, what a Company! We have been to places we had never heard of, supplemented our income while enjoying our travels (Which has allowed us to upgrade to our new truck & new 5th wheel) and  to meet some of the nicest people we could have ever met.
Whether we have a question, a problem, need  encouragement, or tips of the trade, it's all just a phone call away. The managers, the great office crew and any of our reps are always there to give you what you need.
And so, that's to the Rest from the BEST of the BEST!

Jim & Cheryl Schon
Since 2005

southeast sales rep

In 2003 we owned and operated a bait & tackle shop.  We purchased an ad on the site map for Allatoona Landing RV Park.  The rep gave Paul a hiring packet and we kept it until October of 2006 when we joined SEPUB.

This is one of the best decisions we ever made.  Working for a company that is so family oriented and is always there to urge you on to do your best.

Thanks to Wayne & Carlene & Ron Phiefer we made this decision.

Paul & Loraine Verhine
Since 2006

southeast sales rep After raising a family, sitting in offices, and 42 years of marriage my husband and I set out on our great adventure, RVing across the United States. After only 2 years of freedom the 401K money went down and the gas prices went up. We saw an ad for Southeast Publications and started out on our second great adventure. After 5 years, not only do we still travel, we earn money and have been blessed with a second family. There's nothing like it. I promise.

Chuck & Marlene King
Since 2006
sales associate

We joined Southeast in the summer of 2007. My background was insurance. Kathy was in corporate finance and human relations. When her company was bought by a competitor she became a "redundant resource". She does the job set up and bookwork and I do most of the selling. It is a great combination for us!

Lynn & Cathy Holland
Since 2007

sales rep Our home-base is in Banner Elk, NC. We love the lifestyle, meeting new people, getting to know the community where we are working, and going back to see old friends we have made along the way. Thanks Southeast Publications!

Jim & Kathleen Jourdain
since 2007
sales rep

It will be 5 years this fall that we started with Southeast Publications.  For us it is a great way to make money, help businesses make more money and we also get to see our family and friends once a year.  I sold advertising for radio stations for years and thought this would be as much fun as selling radio advertising.  We have the opportunity to meet some nice folks and stay in some nice RV parks.  We love the lifestyle! 

Bill & Gladys Sherman
Since 2007

southeast sales rep We have been with Southeast Publications since 2008. We are members of the Century Club, handling 30 resorts per year with over $100,000 in sales. Combined, we have 84 years of sales and marketing experience. Jim retired from Citibank having held positions of National Sales Manager and US Marketing Director. Jacqualine held senior sales and marketing positions with a National Association and Fisher Scientific.

Jim and Jacqualine Moore
Since 2008
southeast sales rep

Larry and I became full timer RV'ers in 2001.  We traveled for 7 years and worked in a variety of Camp Host positions but did not enjoy cleaning toilets.  In 2008 diesel fuel prices increased and it was cutting into our capability to travel.

We had seen an ad about working for Southeast Publications and gave the office a call.  Bob Turner sent us a copy of the "Insite " and we sent e-mails to a couple of managers.  Bob and Kathy Klawon were the first to contact us and Bob spent about an hour on the phone with us explaining the company.

We decided to join SE and Bob and Kathy asked us to come to the Spring 2008 meeting before we met up with them for training in Tucson AZ. We were impressed with the "SE Family" and decided to definately sign up. We were trained in April and started our first job in May. 

Larry and I are both retired from Civil Service and we don't "HAVE TO" work but with the flexability of SE and the great commission "Working for" SE allows us to travel more and see more places without having to "clean other peoples toilets". We enjoy working just a few jobs per year which allows lets us see more of this wonderful USA.

Larry & Linda Muncy
Since 2008

sales associates

Buddy and Betty Bullock live in Houston (a few months a year). We were excited to be Rookies of the Year and Sales Reps of the Year, thanks to a lot of help from a lot of people! We were even happier to be in the Century Club. We are having a great time traveling, meeting new people, and selling ads for site maps. Our first job with Southeast Publications was December, 2009.

Buddy & Betty Bullock
Since 2009

southeast sales rep

We owned a high intensity, highly competitive, successful business for 21 years and were not able to travel as much as we wanted to. We were looking for a way to make money while traveling and considered several options including freelancing. Our standards are high.... Quality, Integrity, Reliability. We heard about Southeast Publications and checked it out for a year, sold our business, started selling ads and haven't looked back.

Dale and Julie Edge
Since 2010

sales associate

After a forty-five year career owning my own sales training, sales promotion, and marketing companies, and Gerri as an Executive with numerous companies including Vice President of Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, we both retired and decided to purchase a motorhome so we could visit our daughters which live on opposite ends of the country. However, the life of no work and all play did not fit our style and we began our search for something that would let us continue our independent lifestyle while at the same time allow us to earn a good income and our desire to fulfill our “have to work” addiction.

We found that at Southeast Publications! At Southeast Publications we are able to earn a good income, travel where and when we want, and at the same time feel secure that the product and company we represent is the best in the industry. Wally and the entire Southeast family are the most supportive and honest people we have  ever worked around. “It just doesn’t get any better than this”!

Tim & Gerri Duke
Since 2010

We have been FULL TIME RVer's for almost 20 years. Herb was an Electrician and Power Lineman and I was a full charge Bookkeeper working for CPA's and as a contractor for small businesses. Last year in November we decided to give Southeast Publications and selling a try. The first year, of course has it's ups and downs but the support of our Managers and the staff has really helped. See you all at the Fall Meeting.

Herb & Laura Lee McClare
Since 2010

We are now in our second year of sales for SEPI and we’re revisiting parks and customers from last year. They all remember us because of our thank you notes and holiday cards. It’s nice. We have started to do multiple park jobs. It is hard work, sometimes confusing, but very profitable. We are using our new income for long transatlantic cruises in our “down time”.

Sheila does the prospecting, appointment setting, follow-up and thank you cards. Bob creates “spec artwork” and does the sales calls. It all works out real well except that we eat out much too much while traveling and have really packed on the pounds.

Bob & Sheila Jaffe
Since 2010

We joined Southeast Publications in the fall of 2010. After travelling in our RV and being consistent users of the SEP Site Map/Area guide we would receive upon arrival at the RV Resort and seeing the value to the Park and customers we decided to inquire into the sales opportunity. We were only interested in part time travel and work. Southeast Publications has provided a great opportunity to do just that.
Southeast Publications makes it possible for us to travel where we want, visit family & friends along the way.
After a 25 year career in sales management with a major yellow page company, we took early retirement to study for ministry while serving full time in our local church. We served in Assoc. and Pastor positions for over 10 years before taking our 2nd retirement.
My wife Joanne does the job of setting up and finalization, plus checks over and organizes the job to be sent in. Working together is great for the two us as a team.
I, Gary, enjoy working with small businesses, helping to meet their advertising needs.
We recommend Southeast Publications to anyone interested in travel and a supplemental or as full time income, because SEP does an excellent job with the products and services they offer.

Gary & Joanne Quinlan
Since 2010

Jerri and I joined Southeast in November of 2010 after raising three wonderful kids, getting them all through college and seeing them all happily married. We also have 5 grandchildren to spoil and enjoy.
I am a mechanical engineer who went to work one day in Wyoming to find the plant that I had been at for 25 years was closing in 6 weeks.  After spending 2 years teaching math and computer science at the Catholic School in Fort Collins, Colorado, we sold our home and managed a 600 unit storage complex for a Corporation.  Six years of peoples’ stuff was enough and we decided to travel and work at our own pace and Southeast Publications offered that opportunity. We signed up with Bob Turner and our Manager’s Jerry and Ellen Hopkins have been great. They always are available and provide support and encouragement when ever we need it. Great companies always start with great people, and that is all we have met in our short time with Southeast Publications.

Ed & Jerri Kelley
Since 2010

WOW! What a First Year! Since joining Southeast Publications in September 2010, first job in December 2010,its been a learning and rewarding experience. We have exceeded our goals both in income and jobs completed, plus we continue to add on. We have completed are 11th job with 3 more jobs lined prior to the Fall Meeting. Its been an exciting year. We are seeing parts of America we have not seen before. Our Managers are excellent and are always helpful, both in experience and lining assistance. The Southeast Publications family team always provides fantastic support.

Ernie and LuAnn Marchisin
Since 2010

We have been with SEPI for a short time (since February 2011).  After retiring in 2002 we traveled around the country in our fifth wheel enjoying the sights.  During that time we have ‘worked’ at trade shows and arts and craft shows selling products for several different businesses.  We decided we wanted to have more freedom to travel where and when we wanted to.  After investigating several different opportunities we found the SEPI lifestyle to be the best fit for reaching our goals of being able to supplement our pensions with an income we had direct control over.  We have found the work to be a challenge to keep our minds fresh and new and look forward to a long future with Southeast Publications. 

Jim & Sheila Gratz
Trinty, Texas
Since 2011

After learning what we could during several phone calls to the company, we arranged to meet with Lois and Bob Hoppes for our three day intensive training.  They gave us the confidence to step out and line our first job which we did when we met our first client at a trade show.  Other commitments gave us a slow start but the firt job, there in Florida broke the ice for us and we were hooked on the business.

We were asked to go to the Northwest to work with several campgrounds there, so we spent the summer up there.  From Florida, to Tennessee, to Texas and by way of New Mexico on to Oregon and then Washington State.  We have done eighteen jobs along the way.  We have had many experiences this summer, the most remembered was to be the death of a park owner, one day after we arrived at their park.  We have had a lot of fun, took a lot of pictures along the way and now have a lot of memories, and we made some money too.

Thank you all the folks at SEPI who made this possible, and the Good Lord willing we will do it again next year.

Martha & Rusty
Since 2011

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